Inner Mongolia, China, Hulunbuir Grassland, Morigele River, Genhe Wetland, Greater Khingan Mountains Birch Forest, Reindeer, Shiwei, Oloqi Manor, Heishantou Grassland are here, and a 6-day tour of Manzhouli

Hulunbuir Grassland


Day 1 Entry City – Hailar: Genghis Khan Square/Hulunbuir Museum

Day 2 Hailar Shiwei: Erguna Wetland/Daxing’anling White

Day 3 Roomway – Grassland Here: Orochi Manor/Border Card Line/Grassland Here Bonfire Carnival Night

Day 4 Grassland Here – Manzhouli: Grassland Here Retro Fire

Car/Ranch Experience/Heishantou Equestrian Base

Day 5 Manzhouli – Khan Palace: Mongolian Tribe Experience/Toyota Dominant Car Crossing the Grassland

Day 6 Chenbalhu Khan Palace – Departure City:

Day 1: City of Entry ✈ Hailar

✭ Highlight Experience: Happy Arrival Day

✭ itinerary arrangement: Gathering at the airport of the entry city, heading to Hailar, the “Grassland Pearl”, and checking in at Hailar Hotel

✭ Reference flight: City of entry – Hailar.

Hailar is the economic, political, and cultural center of Hulunbuir, known as the “Pearl of the Grassland”.

【 Genghis Khan Square 】 (Tour for about 30 minutes) Learn about Genghis Khan’s historical achievements and worship the holy stones brought by Mongolia. It is named after Genghis Khan,

It is currently the largest square in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and one of the iconic buildings in Hailar District.

The Hulunbuir Museum aims to learn about the customs, history, and culture of the three minority ethnic groups on the grassland. The Hulunbuir Ethnic Museum is the only comprehensive museum in Hulunbuir City

The Sex Museum, with distinct regional and ethnic characteristics, is one of the key museums at the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region level. Inside the museum, there are mammoths unearthed in Zhalainuoer

Fossil replicas, skull replicas of the Zhalai Nur people, and some ethnic daily necessities. (Gift items, if closed, the visit will be cancelled without charge)

After the trip ends, according to the flight schedule, return to your warm home.

【 Kind reminder 】

-The tour guide should contact the guests by phone or text message one day in advance, please keep your phone open;

-Before traveling, please confirm again that you bring a valid original ID card (ID card, passport, return home permit, etc., please note that mainland residents cannot use Hong Kong and Macao permits) to board the plane. Please bring your luggage when getting on and off the plane

Product. Luggage check-in and carrying standards (for reference, may vary depending on the requirements of each airline). Lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage.

-Please bring sufficient warm clothing and prepare emergency medications such as cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, and motion sickness medicine.

Day 2: Hailar → Shiwei (280km, approximately 3.5h)

✭ Highlight Experience: Encountering the “Number One Wetland in Asia” and Intimate Interaction with Fairy Tale Reindeer

✭ Travel gameplay: Morning 【 Erguna Wetland Scenic Area 】 – Afternoon 【 Baihualin Scenic Area 】

【 ✭ Free drone fixed-point aerial photography 】 (No photography, no refund, the aerial photography location can be flexibly adjusted according to weather and itinerary, subject to actual arrangements) Multiple aircraft positions and angles

Shooting, each group takes about 10 minutes to shoot, and the final film takes about 10 seconds. Production, shooting, refinement, and editing are all included at one price, without any other costs;

The Erguna Wetland Scenic Area (including tickets, excluding electric scooters for 15 people) is known as the “number one wetland in Asia”, with rich species and a very important shelter for birds

Shelter is also a bottleneck for the migration routes of birds from East Asia to Australia worldwide; You can climb up here and enjoy a panoramic view of the wetland;

【 Greater Khingan Mountains White Birch Forest Scenic Area: Holy Land of Love+Fairy Tale Paradise+Wooden Plank Path, etc.+Forest Shuttle+Interaction with Reindeer 】 (Tour for 2 hours, excluding shuttle bus)

Traveling through a hundred mile long corridor, admiring the graceful birch trees and lush forests and grass, feeling the ever-changing light and shadow of sunlight passing through the gaps in the forest. Intimate contact with nature. After reaching the mountaintop, you can

Seeing the fairy tale wedding palace and observation platform, one can overlook the entire birch forest. This is the closest primitive secondary forest to the urban area of Erguna, which is a rare natural wonder

Observing, intimately interacting with reindeer elves in the forest, taking beautiful photos in the primitive forest, and becoming the most beautiful “cub” on social media;

【 Featured Woodcut Ridge 】 Blue sky, green grass, birch forest, mysterious agate grassland, and the gentle and urgent river water nourish the most beautiful wetlands in Asia, as well as also nurture them

Thanks to the hardworking people here, the warm Russian style wooden houses with wooden cores are the symbol of Shiwei and the hometown of the Russian and Chinese ethnic groups;

[Erguna River] (Free Tour) The mother river of the Mongolian people, the Erguna River under the sunshine is like a silver hada, carrying the emotions of the people of China and Russia

Feeling, full of national history and pride. Whenever the afterglow of the sunset accompanies the reflection in the river, the scattered cows and sheep by the river highlight the peace on both sides;

【 Strolling in the Sea of Wild Flowers on the Grassland 】 Various wild flowers compete in beauty, emitting a rich aroma, like colorful clouds and mist, falling gently on the green grassland, flowing gently

Entering the clouds. Peony flowers, Xing’an willow orchids, dandelions, rhododendrons, dog baby flowers, dog tail flowers… are rare natural pleasures in the mountains and fields of the city, taking you on a journey through them

Recalling the carefree and happy moments of childhood (Warm reminder: Based on previous years, the flowering period for peony flowers, sunflowers, rapeseed flowers, etc. is estimated to be from mid June to mid August)

The flowers bloom one after another in ten days, and the specific flowering period depends on the temperature

Day 3: Shiwei → The grassland is here (200KM, about 3H)

✭ Highlight Experience: Russian style Manor Flower Sea Strolling Deep Immersive Experience Embarking on a Slow paced Grassland Luxury Vacation

✭ Travel gameplay: Morning 【 Oloch Manor 】 – Afternoon 【 Border Card Line 】 – 【 Grassland Here Scenic Area 】 – 【 Bonfire Carnival 】

“Three sets of carriage landmarks” (Chelan) Shiwei landmark, a Russian style sculpture of three sets of carriages, this type of carriage is called “Hadoga” in Russian;

Olochi Manor (including tickets, excluding electric scooters for 15 people) is a private garden surrounded by Russia on three sides, known as the best photography paradise at 51 ° north latitude, and more

It is the ocean of flowers; Can play Sunflower Sea+World’s Largest Color Tai Chi Bagua Chart+Sunshine Flower House+VR Glasses Experience+Children’s Science Park (Plants) at once+

Chinese money+Splendid China (children’s playground)+boundary stone+glass walkway+plant maze;

【 Flying Bull Man Border Defense Line: Nine Card Seven Card World Peach Blossom Ink Village 】 Crossing Ink, Nine Card, Eight Card, Seven Card, Ulan Mountain, Six Card, Tai Chi Circle, Five Card, Black

Walking along the border, one can feel the beautiful scenery of both countries at a glance. Due to being located in the border area, it has not been opened to the public

Hair maintains the primitive grassland style. The landscape here is not just one place, but the entire road is full of scenery, and visitors can also visit villages that are known as “the earth cannot find villages”

Ink Village. Walk and stop all the way, experience the freedom of the grassland (special note: For example, on the Shiwei Erguna border defense road section, the local traffic management department allows 7 seats)

If the above buses pass through, they will be changed to this route. If the policy does not allow them to pass through the normal route from Shiwei to Erguna. The “Grassland Here” Grassland Scenic Area is known as the largest comprehensive vacation scenic spot in Heishantou, with the best accommodation environment and the most diverse entertainment projects; here

You can see the breathtaking expanse of grasslands where horses gallop and are hailed as the most beautiful sunset scenery. Grass grows in the morning dew, and wild flowers bloom with fragrance

Fang, the cool wind brushes by, and the grassland will turn green waves, flowing all the way to the place where it meets the sky. (For reference pictures during the itinerary, please refer to the interior of the room.)

The colors are all in different styles and randomly arranged

How can you play on the super popular grassland in this scenic area?

① Ultimate Romance · Encountering the Most Beautiful Summer Sunset and Sunrise: Hulunbuir is one of the most suitable places to watch the sunrise and sunset, and at a glance, it is filled with tears and eyes

Healing, the wind here is free, and so is the sunset.

② Sleepover by the lake, yurts, night view, bright stars and fields: in 2024, a new upgrade will be made to the luxury, super large french window, a new yurt, 40 ㎡ room+new listing+super trench configuration

The best viewing angle is to gaze up at the most beautiful Milky Way and starry sky, and have unlimited imagination of nature. The Mongolian yurt is the beginning of nightlife.

③ Gamping Afternoon Tea – Experience the Present to the fullest: While enjoying leisurely afternoon tea, quietly feel the fragrance of flowers and plants and the chirping of birds and insects on the grassland (including tea)

Or drinks+one serving of seasonal fruits;

④ Bonfire Carnival Night: Dancing the Andai Dance in the vast sky and earth: The hospitable Mongolian Han girl lights the bonfire and takes you to learn how to dance the Mongolian Andai Dance, Xiong

The bear’s bonfire washes away the exhaustion in the heart and provides comfort to the soul. The bonfire, stars, moonlight, and fireworks interpret the beautiful legends on the grassland. In case of weather

In case of force majeure factors such as rain, strong winds, or fire prevention period, the cancellation will be immediately made without any refund

[Mongolian Roasted whole lamb] (Taste it at your own expense) Hulunbeier sheep is the most pure lamb. After being roasted, it is crisp outside and tender inside. The smell is delicious. Roast whole sheep on the grassland

The etiquette of opening sheep represents the highest standard of hospitality in Inner Mongolia, reflecting a rich grassland culture and a bold and enthusiastic scene.

Day 4: The grassland is here → Manzhouli (240km, about 3h)

✭ Travel gameplay: 【 Grassland Sunrise 】 – 【 Equestrian Base 】 – 【 Pastoral Household Visit 】 – Night Stay in Manzhouli

Watching the sunrise on the endless grassland has a unique charm. Without reaching the grassland, I wonder if the sunrise can still be so beautiful. All written descriptions

They all look pale, only I have witnessed it with my own eyes

Heishantou Equestrian Base (self funded) is a legitimate equestrian base reported by CCTV Agricultural Channel, experiencing the sentiment of horseback riding;

The grassland road, which is comparable to the “318 Highway,” is a straight road with herds of cattle and sheep along the way. The Erguna River stretches and is a natural landscape that must be visited when coming to Hulunbuir

Avenue. The driver will stop in a safe place, and guests who enjoy photography can take photos of the drunken border defense line here;

【 ✭ Pastoral Experience: Intimate Contact with Lambs+Wearing Mongolian Clothing++Colorful Mini Train 】 (Ticket already included) Grassland is synonymous with free play, with

Summer infused with soul. Go to herdsmen’s homes together to personally brew milk tea, taste dairy products, and enjoy special fried rice and other activities; Experience Mongolian clothing and instantly transform into Mongolian people;

Whether you are an adult or a child, having a childlike heart is enough – feeding lambs, getting close to cute pet animals… Experience a true grassland natural beauty education, and gain the power of healing.

[Dazzling mini train] Take the grassland mini train across the grassland hinterland. With its unique shape and stylish body, you can definitely enjoy your Tiktok Kwai,

Make you the “most beautiful child” of the entire grassland.

Day 5: Manzhouli → Hailar (220KM, approximately 3H)

✭ Highlight Experience: Gain a deeper understanding of the folk customs of Mongolian tribes. Off road vehicles fly to the highest point and overlook the grasslands

✭ Travel gameplay: 【 Grassland Mongolian Tribe 】 – 【 Private Experience of Deep Toyota Dominant Off roading Through the Hinterland 】 – Once Again Overnight on the Grassland

【 ✭ Grassland Mongolian Tribe: Welcoming Wine+Sacrificing Aobao 】 Explore the hinterland of the Hulunbuir grassland and once again deeply experience grassland culture. Enjoy the highest welcome on the grassland

Ceremony – Grassland Welcome Wine, Walking into the Scenic Area to Experience Large scale Sacrificial Activities – Sacrificing Aobao, Watching Sheep and Horses, Experience Grassland Pastoral Life;

【 ✭✭ Private Enjoyment of Deep Off roading Through the Hinterland 】 Along the way, freely galloping through vast grass waves, occasionally encountering free cows, sheep, and heroic horses, overlooking from a divine perspective,

Overlooking the vast grasslands from the highest point, and admiring the beautiful scenery of the same secret realm as the movie “Dragon Hunt” from afar;

The Night Stay Grassland European Palace Style Khan Palace Hotel is located in a high-end tourism reception area funded by the governments of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hulunbuir City

Qu Baiyin Hada Scenic Area. The grand style and palace style architectural appearance make it a rare European style hotel on the grassland. The hotel is surrounded by vast and boundless grasslands, with a panoramic view

Open and beautiful, overlooking from a high altitude, the endless green scenery is within reach. The southwest direction is the confluence of the winding Hailar River, Morgen River, and Hailar River

The flowing wetland is crossed by National Highway 301 from the southeast side of the scenic area.

Day 6: Hailar ✈ Departure City

✭ Reference flight: Hailar – departure city;

✭✭ Highlight Experience: Bring sincere blessings from the grassland to end a pleasant trip to Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia, China, Hulunbuir Grassland, Morigele River, Genhe Wetland, Greater Khingan Mountains Birch Forest, Reindeer, Shiwei, Oloqi Manor, Heishantou Grassland are here, and a 6-day tour of Manzhouli


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