4-day tour of Guilin Yangshuo High Speed Railway, Yangshuo West Street, Xingping Lijiang River, encountering bamboo rafts drifting on the Longhe River, with dreamy Lijiang River, Fubo Mountain, and Yinziyan in the mountains and rivers, Shili Gallery, and Duxiu Peak Wangcheng

Day 1: Entry City>Guilin>Free Activities/Rongshan Lake
Meal: Full day dining, self-care, accommodation: Guilin
Ladies and gentlemen, please gather at the designated time in the city of entry and take the high-speed rail to Guilin, which is known as the “best of mountains and rivers”. If there is no direct ticket, transfer arrangements will be made. After arriving, the tour guide picked up the station and began a wonderful journey in Guilin.
Free activities at night. You can taste local snacks on your own and enjoy the beautiful night view of Guilin’s small town: Rongshan Lake (Ancient South Gate, Beidou Seven Star Bridge, Huxin Island, Rongcheng Ancient Shadows, Sun and Moon Twin Towers). Each scenery is well arranged, and every place is unforgettable. The coastal scenery is pleasant, with the city in the scenery and the scenery in the city. It is the largest central park in Guilin, known as the “Oriental Venice Ring Water System”. 【 Dongxi Lane · Xiaoyao Tower 】 (Zhuangyuan Gate – Jingjiang Prince’s Mansion Gate – Dongxi Lane – Xiaoyao Tower), search for the Guilin King’s City that Xu Xiake failed to enter during his three visits, cross Dongxi Lane, reach the Li River bank, climb the Xiaoyao Tower by the Li River in Guilin, and have a bird’s-eye view of the perfect combination of Guilin mountains and rivers, as well as rivers and cities, giving a panoramic view of the beautiful rivers and mountains. (During free time, vehicles are not arranged and tour guides are not accompanied).

Day 2: Fubo Mountain>Duxiu Peak Wangcheng>Elephant Trunk Mountain>Between Mountains and Rivers
Dining: hotel breakfast/selected social restaurant/Rice noodles Dining room: Guilin
Visiting attractions: Fubo Mountain (about 60 minutes of sightseeing), where there are many exciting legends such as “Sword Testing Stone”, “Huanzhu Cave”, “Fubo General”, etc. Entering the cave of Fubo Mountain feels very special. There are many ancient inscriptions and stone carvings inside the cave. If you carefully examine the content of the text, you may find that they are talking about some things from the Tang Dynasty.
Visiting attractions: 【 Jingjiang Prince Mansion · Duxiu Peak 】 Previously, it was the residence of Zhu Shouqian, the nephew of Zhu Yuanzhang, and it was also the best preserved among the Ming Dynasty feudal lords. Duxiu Peak is located in the Wang Mansion, and the saying “Guilin’s mountains and waters are the best under heaven” comes from the stone carvings here. Climbing the first peak of Guilin – Duxiu Peak, is known as the “pillar of the southern sky”. You can have a panoramic view of the surrounding urban areas, and some ancient and modern celebrity stone carvings on the mountain are also attractions. After climbing to the peak, you can observe the surrounding peaks from top to bottom and overlook the entire royal mansion, bird’s-eye view of Guilin City, and fully appreciate the royal city to recognize Guilin. The royal mansion is a 5A scenic area.
Go to the scenic spot: Elephant Trunk Mountain (about 50 minutes of sightseeing). There are several ways to visit Guilin City, and we are the most authentic way. Take a frontal view of Elephant Trunk Mountain. The mountain resembles an elephant standing by the Li River drinking water, lifelike and captivating. The Shuiyue Cave in the front of the mountain is curved like a full moon, penetrating the mountain. The clear river water passes through the cave, and the shadow of the cave reflects the river surface, creating a spectacle of “there is a bright moon at the bottom of the water, and the moon floats on the water”. Only the photos taken here are positive.
Visiting attractions: A large-scale fantasy song and dance acrobatics show worth 198 yuan – Shanshui Jian or Fantasy Li River (tour for about 60 minutes). Shanshui Jian is rooted in Guilin’s regional culture, blending the shape of Guilin’s peaks, the beauty of the water, the color of the characters, the beauty of the countryside, the wonder of immortals, and the fun of life into a tumultuous plot, using magical and mystical artistic expression techniques to create a panoramic audio-visual experience for the audience. (The complimentary items cannot be visited due to the tourists themselves or the scenic area, and the ticket is not refundable).

Day 3: Xingping Li River Cruise>Xingping Ancient Town>Yulong River Bamboo Raft Drifting>Shili Gallery>Yangshuo West Street
Meal: Hotel Breakfast/Chinese/Dinner Self care Stay: Yangshuo Wyndham or equivalent
Go to the scenic spot [Xingping Lijiang River Cruise] (about 60 minutes’ tour) — the essence of Lijiang River — [Xingping Fishing Village]. The peaks in Xingping Scenic Area are green and the scenery is connected. The Ma Jing Mountain across the river is shaped like a horse’s neck. Wuzhishan seems to have five fingers extending straight. On the side, there is a mountain resembling a dressing girl, known as a “beautiful mirror”.
Go to the scenic spot of Xingping Ancient Town (about 30 minutes of sightseeing) and visit the millennium old historical and cultural ancient town of Xingping on the banks of the Li River. Although the ancient town is not large, it still preserves buildings such as ancient streets, bridges, stages, and temples. There is a saying in ancient times that “the landscape of the Li River is in Xingping”, and this place is still the fifth set of RMB 20 background scenery.
Go to attractions: Yulong River Bamboo Raft Rafting (multi person rafting, tour takes about 50 minutes). Yulong River Rafting is located in the Yulong River scenic area, where you can take a slow bamboo raft and enjoy the undulating mountains and rural scenery on both sides. Along the way, you will also pass through a small town and many ancient bridges. Below is the clear river, which is not as peaceful and relaxing as the Li River.
Visiting attractions: Yangshuo Core Landscape Belt 【 4A Ten Mile Gallery 】 (tour takes about 20 minutes), Che Guan Ten Mile Gallery is the first colorful road in Yangshuo County, just like admiring a slowly unfolding long scroll of Chinese landscape painting. It is the core landscape belt of Yangshuo, where you can enjoy famous attractions such as camels crossing the river, beautiful women taking photos in the mirror, Sun Wukong crossing Flame Mountain, Zhu Bajie drying his belly, big banyan trees, and Moon Mountain along the way.
Go to the scenic spot of Yangshuo West Street and stroll freely. It is an old street with a history of over 1400 years and a strong classical charm. Due to the large number of foreigners, there are many Western restaurants and English signs, and this place is also known as “Foreigner Street”. (No driver or tour guide accompanying during free activities)

Day 4: Ethnic Minority Tourism Ancient Village>Yinziyan>Departure City
Meal: Hotel Breakfast/Chinese Food/Self Care Accommodation: None
The previous day’s enrichment, coupled with evening activities, was specially arranged to sleep the next day until natural awakening, or to engage in free activities.
Go to the scenic spot of Ethnic Minority Sightseeing Ancient Village (about 120 minutes), explore the Dong style village buildings, and experience the ethnic minority culture. Here, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the material cultural heritage of the Dong ethnic group, including the Wind and Rain Bridge of the Dong family, the Drum Tower of the Dong family, and the silver handicrafts of the Dong family. All Dong clothing is handmade in family workshops. Dong silversmiths first make thin sheets, silver bars, or silver wire from melted silver, and use techniques such as pressing, cutting, carving, and carving to create exquisite patterns. Then, they weld or weave them into shape to weave their own unique ethnic silver gong costumes.
Go to the scenic spot of Yinziyan (about 60 minutes of sightseeing) and visit the classic cave tour – Yinziyan. The scene inside the cave is magnificent and colorful, with various natural stalactites crystal clear, pure white and flawless. The image is lifelike, like the Milky Way tilting down in the night sky, shimmering with silver like and diamond like light. Therefore, it is called “Silver Rock” and is known as the most beautiful karst cave in Guilin.
Finally, head to Guilin High Speed Rail Station and take the high-speed rail back to the departure city, return to your warm home, and end this pleasant journey!

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